Thursday, January 10, 2008

Back to it

Brrrrr. It is cold here in Utah. One of the best things about our apartment is that when it snows, the parking lot doesn't get plowed. So between the middle of December and the end of February, every time someone leaves to go somewhere they have to cross an ice field to get to the car. It is a good thing that the Winns are so agile, or there might be some injuries. School has started up again for both Jarom and Alixa. Tomorrow is actually the midway point for Alixa, who will get a whole new slate of students starting on Monday. She is not quite thrilled, although there are some things that she likes. She will be getting a coed class, which she is very nervous about. But it will be nice to be the teacher from the very first day, so she can lay down the law from the get-go. Jarom is just slightly passed the midpoint in his academic career, and can now almost smell the finish line. He says that it smells like Honey Smacks. He is doing his internship this semester, and has decided to help coach Mountain View High School's lacrosse team. They started practice this week, although he can't figure out why. It is 30 degrees and snowing everyday, so why not just wait until it warms up a bit?!? The team is not that great, so he should have his work cut out for him.

Jarom and Lixi went to see Dan in real life over the weekend, and enjoyed it. They are sure that it will be even funnier in 20 years after they have raised obnoxious, bratty children who know everything. On that note, I have begun lobbying Jarom to let me start dating. He says that I am too young, even though I have tried to explain to him that people years and python years are simply not comparable, and to make me wait until I am sixteen is wholly unreasonable. I will keep at it, and maybe someday I will get a playmate to come live with me.

One of Jarom's goals for the new year is to get down to and stay at 190 pounds. He needs to lose about 6 or 7 pounds to get there, and has decided to run at least 10 miles a week to help him. You should all comment on how fat he is when you see him so that he will stay motivated to keep working. And don't worry about hurting his feelings, it will undoubtedly be good for him to get kicked down a notch every now and again.

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Four Winns said...

Do I have to actually SEE Jarom to make fun of him? And since when did he get feelings? I'm just too far out of the loop I guess. Well, you'd better hurry to 190 Jarom or Jason might beat you there. And once you're down to your goal weight, you're shmown to your shmoal shmeight . . . or something.