Saturday, November 7, 2009

How to save a life, Part II

In an effort to become card-carrying members of PETA, the world’s most reasonable institution, Jarom and Alixa have decided to ease the pain and suffering of small mammals everywhere. Last week those efforts were focused on the unfortunate plight of SquirrelBob, who was saved from the angry claws of Caspian. This week it was a more conventional animal rescue. Thursday morning Alixa had to get up bright and early to go to a doctor’s appointment, where she was the not-so-happy recipient of three, count them THREE, shots, including one for tetanus. This is not really pertinent to the story at hand, but she has been whining about the pain in her arm for the past few days and I thought you should all know what a big sissy she is. More on her sissyness to come. Anyway, after her appointment she went to work, leaving Jarom to tend Jenna during the day. Since Knoxville’s beautiful November weather has arrived, it was about 65 degrees and sunny, so those two left for a leisurely afternoon stroll. There is a wonderful walking path that goes from our apartment to a pretty park about 2 miles away. This path goes behind the local Walmart/Sams Club complex, which is where Jarom heard some meowing as he walked by. Some investigation led to the discovery of a kitten on the other side of a fence, which seemed to be stranded. With Jenna, there wasn’t anything he could do, so he went back home and waited for Alixa to return.

A few hours later, as light was beginning to fade, the Winn clan got in the car to attempt the rescue. It began with Jarom scaling an six-foot high chain link fence that was severely overgrown with vines and weeds, was not particularly stable, and had sharp prongs on the top. Summoning all of his abilities from his past life as an Olympic gymnast, Jarom was able to get up and over the fence without incurring any significant injuries to himself or his clothes. He next had to tromp through some dense underbrush for about 30 feet to get to the kitty, which promptly ran away from him and hid beneath some rocks in a little cave. The next 20 minutes consisted of Jarom and the kitty meowing back and forth while he twisted his arm into the cave and tried to get the neck scruff to be able to pull the little guy out. He did eventually succeed, and found a very cute, surprisingly healthy looking cat. Leery of passing the kitten over the fence to Alixa, Jarom tried to find a path back to the jogging trail that went around the fence. No such luck. So the kitten was handed over and Jarom began scaling the fence again. Unfortunately, before Jarom had even reached the top of the fence, he heard Lix began to yelp “Oh no, oh no, oh no!” After working for about 45 minutes to rescue the kitten, it took Alixa approximately 5 seconds to lose him again. This time he ran into the bushes off the path, and with no cave to keep him from running, there was no way that Jarom could get him back. The only consolation is that Jarom is pretty sure that he saw a momma cat as he was leaving, which would explain why the kitten seemed to be so healthy. So perhaps it is for the best that he gets to stay with his mom. Alixa’s defense for her inability to hold the animal? She was worried that the kitten’s razor sharp claws might slice through her jacket and get to her arms. She has been apologizing to Jarom ever since. Hopefully the little guy is okay, and I guess the Winn’s will just have to wait a little longer before they get their first kitty.

Also this week Jarom took his comprehensive exam, which is a test that all grad students have to take before finishing. He had to answer several essay questions from 3 teachers that he has had over the past 18 months. We don’t really know what happens if he fails it, but he’s heard nothing from any professors yet, and in this case no news is good news.

Alixa’s big news this week is her complete 180 on her stance regarding feeding sugar to her baby. On Friday they ate at the Olive Garden, and Lix tried dipping Jenna’s pacifier in Diet Coke, and then regular Coke (Jenna’s not a big fan of the diet.) Today Jarom found a Special K bar wrapper next to Jenna’s play mat. Lix told him that she had been playing with the wrapper, and sheepishly added that she may have given her some of the frosting. It is a slippery slope and she is sliding down it pretty quickly. So all of you grandparents who have been threatened by her against feeding Jenna, take note.

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Mama Winn said...

Wait a minute! Coke!?!?! You give your baby Coke?!?!? And I've been careful not to give her a taste of sugar? Oh, sweet Jenna, we are going to have a fun Thanksgiving!! I miss you all.