Friday, July 2, 2010

Little Drummer Girl

I know this is starting to sound like a broken record, but Jenna has once again smashed up her face. This time she hit her right eye, so she now has one black eye on the way out and one on the way in. My theory is that she very much enjoys doing her animal impersonations, and is trying to look like a panda.
Poor little girl

Other than the child abuse, Jenna’s first week as a one-year-old has been a great one. She got lots of wonderful toys for her birthday, from cousins and grandmas and parents and friends, and she says thank you to all of you who thought of her. Her biggest present is a Fisher-Price barn thing with a whole bunch of buttons to push and games to play. Several of the buttons play music, which is sung by the official Fisher-Price song lady, who Jenna has heard about a gazillion times. But for some reason the first time Jarom set her down to play with the toy she heard that voice and began to sob uncontrollably. It was kinda sad, but also hilarious. For a few hours she wavered between loving her new toy and being deathly afraid of it, but she seems to have gotten over it and is currently working on mastering all of the tricks on the barn. She also got some musical instruments, much to her parent’s delight. She particularly enjoys banging on the drum and shaking the maracas.

She's learning what sound a cow makes

Lix made a cake for Jenna to enjoy, with the hope that she would dig into it and we could get some cute pictures of the kid with food all over her face. I’m not entirely sure why Lix thought that was going to happen, since Jenna has always been the least messy child we’ve ever met, but she did. She was sorely disappointed as Jenna simply looked at the cake in front of her and patiently waited for Jarom to give her some spoonfuls. Nate and Kenz and Kenna came over to help us celebrate, and it was pretty fun in spite of the cleanliness.
That cake might as well be radioactive as far as she is concerned

On Sunday Jenna got to wear her tutu to church, much to the delight of the older ladies in Relief Society. I feel a little bad for the teachers in the classes she attends, because people (including her parents) seem to have a hard time paying attention to the lessons whenever Jenna and Kenna are playing nearby. Also at church, Lix got pulled aside and assigned to speak in a few weeks, so we are all very excited for that.
With her new baby doll. Don't worry, she is giving it kisses, not trying to eat its head.

The birthdays continued all week long, with Kenz turning 26 (I think) and Bruce turning 75 (I think) on Monday, and Kenna reaching the one year mark on Wednesday. So most of the week was spent making desserts and attending parties. Both kidlets are very excited about each other’s presents, and it is a great situation because they both essentially get twice as many presents since they share everything anyway. Mixed in with all the celebrations was a trip to the doctor, where Jenna got some shots and a finger pricked. It made her sad and tired and grumpy for a day or two, but I suppose that is better than dying from M, M, or R. Yea for modern medicine!
Bath time is still one of her favorite times of the day

The heat finally broke this week and the weather has been gorgeous. Since it isn’t sweltering, there were no pool visits, but we did get a membership to the Children’s Museum of Richmond and Lix took Jenna there a couple of times. It is basically a giant play area, which is awesome. Some of the games are aimed at kids a little older than Jenna, but she enjoys watching the other kids and there are plenty of things that she can do. Between the museum and pools, Lix should be set to beat the heat of July and August.
Working out at home

Yesterday the Winns took a field trip to the park to enjoy the wonderful weather outside. There were lots of dogs for Jenna to pet, lots of ducks for Jenna to feed (although they didn’t eat because they are woefully overfed), and a big grass field for her to walk around. She is becoming very health conscious and found some weights that a local exercise group had left out while they did some running. She couldn’t quite lift them by herself, but her dad was happy to give her a spot and she had a great time working out.
Working out at the park

I hope you all have a great time celebrating America’s birthday, just be careful to not blow your hands off with fireworks!


Jeremy said...

This is starting to become a little fishy. If I hear Jenna receives another self inflicted wound I am calling Child Protective Services.

Mama Winn said...

Thanks for sharing! She sure is growing up! Stop beating her. It's time to update your profile photo of your housemates, Mitch.