Sunday, October 23, 2011

Baby Bo is Six Months Old!

Baby Bo at six months old

On Friday, my baby boy turned six months old. He is about the cutest thing ever, and we love him a lot. He is a very happy baby, and really never cries. Well, he cries when he gets hurt, like when Jenna accidentally jumps on him or when I accidentally drop a hymn book on his face at church. But other than that, the happiest baby ever. He is very laid back and patient and loves me even though sometimes I get so caught up with Jenna that I ignore him a little bit.
Sitting in his highchair, waiting for some food

He loves to eat "real" food and will scarf down his oatmeal and pears in about 60 seconds flat. He eats baby food three times a day and is getting good enough that sometimes he doesn't even need a bib. He sits up really well all by himself and can grab toys and play with them. He babbles, and says mamama if he is sad. He is a very curious little baby and feeding him a bottle is getting increasingly difficult as he likes to look at everything and wiggles so much he slides off my lap. He loves his new exersaucer we bought him and will play in it for a really long time.

He is a master at standing on Dad's hands

He is a super sleeper, and sleeps 12 hours every night. He is a trooper during the day when he doesnt get as many naps as he would like because we are busy doing other things. Even if he is tired he is still a happy baby. He smiles at everyone and everything. He giggles too, and it is really cute. His favorite people to laugh at are Jenna and Kenna, because they are the best at playing peek-a-boo. He is proficient at rolling, and likes to be on his tummy. But sometimes he gets tired of being on his tummy and just lays his head down on the floor.

He insists on sleeping with a blanket on his face. It freaks me out too.

He really likes Jenna, and Jenna is getting better at liking Bo. She doesnt really pay much attention to him but gets very concerned if we go somewhere and Baby Bo isn't around. She is constantly keeping me updated on his state of alertness in the back of the car..."Mommy, Baby Bo is asleep." Or "Mommy, Baby Bo is awake!" She has recently started to want to give him hugs, which is super cute until Bo grabs hold of her hair and wont let go and she starts to cry. But while she is crying she tells me that "its ok, because he is just a little tiny baby and he doesnt know any better". She is constantly telling people that Baby Bo is her best friend, which is very sweet.

Bo giving Jenna too much love. Jenna not loving Bo's lovin'.

Bo is growing like a weed and has his six month check up tomorrow. I am guessing he is around 18 or 19 pounds, which sounds huge, but his dad weighed that much at 4 months, so I guess we are doing ok. We love this little boy so much and are so glad he came to join us! Happy half birthday, Baby Bo!


Annalee said...

OH those babies of yours are so dang ca-UTE!! I'm glad Jenna is warming to Bo and I'm also glad he gives her a run for her money after the hair pulling...I guess that's what lil' bro's are for right? miss you guys!

PJ Hegewald said...

Cute pics! Please send me the first one of Bo. You are one lucky mom! He was just on the verge of doing all those things while you were here and now I have missed it all! He is sure a little Bruce! No Hegewald or Merrill in him! Give the kids a big smooch from Mimi!

Erin_C said...

ha! I love that last one of jenna and bo. I'm pretty sure thats how Carly is going to be .. . she's not a fan of babies. Happy half a year to bo! I cant' believe he is already 6 months old. seems like you just were just announcing your pregnancy :)

Carolyn said...

Little Bo is so cute. I love that first picture! I can't believe he sleeps 12 hours at night. Do you think he could give some advice to Nora? She is a horrible sleeper and I think she would do well to learn from Bo's example!

I'm glad to hear that he's doing so well. You sure have adorable children!

Kristi and David said...

he is so big i cant believe it! happy half birthday baby bo :)