Sunday, November 13, 2011

Settling In

After a full week of sickness at Winn Manor everyone seems to be feeling better and food is following its normal route through everyone’s system. This is great news to Alixa, who is able to get more uninterrupted sleep. This is really great news to Jenna, who is able to not wander around looking and feeling like a zombie. And this is fabulous news to Jenna’s animals, who no longer have to live in a perpetual state of fear that they will be covered with vomit and shoved into the washer for a “bath” every other day.

Since he can't talk yet, Bo rates his pictures by chewing on the appropriate letter

Life in Texas is becoming pretty routine. Which means that Alixa is about to start messing with that routine. She has already received her first early Christmas present, a 22-foot ladder that can be used to paint the house. Her first two projects are actually going to be Jenna’s bedroom and the family room, and will probably be done in the next few weeks. Her painting project got a big assist when we heard that her parents are going to come visit for Thanksgiving, which means that there are more hands to help and more hands to babysit. But life at home has been filled with many of the things that it was filled with in Richmond. There are weekly trips to the library for story time and to get some new books for Jenna to read. She also gets a new Disney movie to watch each week. She has now seen The Little Mermaid and Cinderella. There are also regular trips to the gym. Originally the family had signed up at 24 Hour Fitness, where Jarom still had a frozen account from their Utah days. But the very first time Lix dropped the kids off at the daycare she realized that she wasn’t happy with the level of care they provided. So they canceled their account and switched over to the Frisco Athletic Club, which is every bit as awesome as it sounds, and is actually less expensive than 24. The facility has basketball and racquetball courts, a weight room and lots of cardio machines, and a waterpark, both indoor and out. Needless to say, Jenna is very excited to try it out.

Jenna loves bubbles

A big part of the routine has been the newly developing mobility of Blake. He can’t crawl yet, and whenever he tries he only manages to wave his arms and legs around in a pretty good Tom Cruise impression from Mission: Impossible. But he can roll over very well and will steamroller across the room if there is something that he is interested in over there. He is also a big fan of his feet, and will tug at and chew on his own toes (or yours, if you let him) for long stretches of time. This is a new behavior in the Winn home, as Jenna was never really flexible enough to get her toes up to her face.

Jarom’s routine involves getting up earlier than he would like to avoid the traffic that accompanies living in a bigger city. But it’s okay because he is usually home before 5 and gets to hang out with his kids. They seem to miss him while he is at work, and Jenna loves to call him, usually when she first wakes up to tell him what is for dinner and one or two more times throughout the day. Jarom enjoys these calls even though it is often difficult to understand what she is saying (it’s hard enough to follow her person) and despite her insistence on trying to show him things through the phone (she will take the phone and hold it up to whatever she is talking about and say “see, Daddy, see?”) Her potty training is continuing very well, and there have been no cold baths recently. Jarom did have to explain to her that she did not have to take a cold bath when she threw up, even though she made a mess. She has very much internalized the cold bath punishment though, and has instituted it with her animals. Recently Jenna decided to move her rocking horse (Rocky) into her room so that he could have a quiet time. When Alixa asked her about it, Jenna told her that Rocky had pooped in his panties and had to be given a cold bath, because that’s naughty, and now he was having a quiet time. That little girl is quite the imaginary disciplinarian.

Fall has begun to arrive here in North Texas, as the temperatures have dropped into the 60’s and 70’s with occasional dips lower than that. It feels wonderful. It would be nice if it came with a changing of the leaves, but I guess that is just something that we aren’t going to have here. Jarom is looking forward to playing golf on Thanksgiving and hopefully Christmas. The only really bad news that we came across is that despite its availability Alixa will not be getting the custom license plate “WINNERS”. This is because Texas is crazy and you have to pay $800 in order to have that plate for 10 years. So I guess it’ll be TPD315 or whatever else they give us. Too bad.

Would you pay $800 for this piece of awesome?

Funny Jenna-isms

Lix: Jenna, are you all done or are you gonna eat more?
Jenna: I’m gonna eat more.
Lix: Then eat! You are the slowest eater ever!
Jenna: Relax, Mommy. Don’t cry about it. I’m gonna eat more.

Jenna: my bum hurts
Lix: Why does your bum hurt?
Jenna: Because I need daddy.

Alixa had to warm up Jenna's water and her applesauce today. Ridiculous.

Lix: Night night, Jenna, I love you.
Jenna: Night night, mommy. See you in a couple whiles.


Megan said...

Jenna is too funny! She wants to FaceTime Jarom at work so she can show him stuff through the phone, she is really just a little ahead of you two.

Kiersten Allred said...

So I'm totally blog stalking you :) anyways, I thought it was funny that Jenna does that with the phone because Karlee does that exact same thing. She got used to having to skype her dad when we lived apart for a couple months so now she thinks everyone can see through the phone. Karlee also makes a mockery of my discipline attempts because her animals get put in time out a lot. Such a fun age!

Jamie and JD said...

Love that X rated picture of Bo. Pretty funny. Sorry you can't get the license plate. And Hailey does the same thing with her potty training. I hear her singing about "if you peepee in your panties, you'll get a cold shower!" randomly in her songs. Pretty funny how this stuff comes back to us. Miss you guys!