Thursday, June 7, 2012


How Lix arranges her shoes...
How Jenna arranges Lix's shoes.
She was hiding. Where's Jenna?

 Bo’s been walking a blue streak around here lately. He has gotten very good, but he still isn’t quite as good as he thinks that he is. This leads to some situations where it appears to outsiders like he is trying to kill himself. Two weeks ago at church he was walking around the library and got bumped by another toddler and smashed his forehead into a cabinet corner. During the week he tried to go face first down the stairs, which quickly became feet first, then face first again, repeated halfway down the stairs until Jarom caught him. Then last Sunday he tripped and hit his face on a chair while drinking from a sippy cup. The cup cut his frenulum of the upper lip and caused profuse bleeding. Jarom was working that day, so Lix had to rely on the help of Rob Ogden to hold Blake down while Bishop Short took a look at him. Rob is a bit of a snappy dresser, and sadly got some blood on his nice suit. So Lix took him some of her chocolate chip banana bread to apologize. Bo had a puffy face for a few days, but it didn’t take long before he was back at it, jumping off of couches and beds and slides all over the house, climbing up ladders and generally behaving as though he were invincible. As Grandma Nancy put it, “I don’t know how any of these children survive.”

Bo after bleeding everywhere at church.

Jazz Hands!
Jenna and Kenna are NOT pleased with this development. The top of the bed USED to be a safe haven.
 Even though he is a bit suicidal, he is also super adorable, especially when paired with Jenna. The two kids love to play hide and seek and wrestle, which consists of grabbing a blanket and putting it over their heads and then rolling around on top of each other and giggling. This game can be played indefinitely. They have a great time listening to music and dancing. And they love hanging out in the newly organized toy room (thanks Lix) reading books, building towers, playing catch, doing puzzles, playing music, etc…
Trying to look tough.
Jenna can FINALLY get the wood chips out of her shoe by herself. She now spends at least 50% of her playground time shaking her shoe. It has really freed up some time for Lix.
He goes down the slides all by himself.
A flower for you.
He loves to steal Jenna's chair for some light reading.

During the days they can usually be found at a pool or a beach. Lix has created a broad network of friends so she doesn’t have to visit the same pool twice in a row. Jenna continues to be a fish and loves to swim. Bo has been a little hesitant to embrace swimming but seems to be coming around nicely. Lix loves hanging out with her girlfriends in the sun, but it isn’t quite as relaxing as she might like because she has to try and keep suicidal Bo from drowning himself.
He doesn't love the water, but he does love the food.
So bright!
The Winn’s hosted a memorial day party with a few other couples from the ward, and it was a good time. There was a little friction when Jarom stated that he shouldn’t have to wear nice clothes because it wasn’t a nice party, which bothered Alixa to the point that she made some questionable gestures and remarks in front of the guests about her inconsiderate husband. The kids splashed around in the blow up pool in the back yard and had a great time. And since everything else we do around here revolves around water we got passes to the aquarium and visited for the first time. It’s a great place that will be awesome during the dog days of summer because it is an air conditioned environment that Lix can take the kids to and it is near Jarom’s work so they can stop by for lunch before or after.

Lix told her to "squat". This is what she did.
On a sugar rush after our first Bahama Buck's sno cone. See the blue mouth?
Holy straight hair, Batman!
He went to the corner to hide that fact that he was drinking out of the spray bottle. So sneaky.
As for Jarom, he seems to have spent most of the past few weeks at the dentist. A bunch of years ago Jarom cracked his front tooth playing racquetball and the work that was done to fix it needed to be redone. So he has visited a few times, which have all been terrible, but it is done now and hopefully this time it will last longer. What he really doesn’t understand is why dentists all seem to think that it is appropriate to try and carry on a conversation with their patients while their mouths are full of dental equipment and fingers and suction thingees. I don’t think anyone really likes being at the dentist, so just get in, get the work done, and get out. There just isn’t any need to make small talk about how the Rangers are doing or how many home runs Josh Hamilton has hit in the last few days or whether or not Miley Cyrus should be marrying that Helmsworth kid. Is Inappropriate Discussion a required class in dental school or something?

"Bats and Balls and little league teams; courage, faith and missionary dreams. That's what little boys are made of"
Bo's new room. We still need to add some artwork, and Lix needs to find the cross stitch she spend 8 months making, but it is on its way to being really cute!


Laura Cates said...

I love how Jenna arranges Alixa's shoes. That does sound awesome now that she can get her own woodchips out!

Mama Winn said...

Mitch you are the best! I love all the pictures and keeping up on the scoop. For sure the Jarom Alixa Jenna and Bo Family is the cutest family of four in Frisco!

Jamie and JD said...

I love Bo's new room! It's adorable. As are Jenna and Bo. We miss you guys!