Sunday, January 13, 2013

To the winter home!

Lix left town with the kids for the month of January, but before she left she wanted to prepare her digestive system by having a Café Rio dinner with a bunch of friends. One of those in attendance had never before tasted the wonderful goodness that is Café Rio sweet pork, and mentioned that he might be making some trips over to the airport (where there is a Costa Vida) because he loved it so much. In fact, it was so good that Alixa didn’t even go to Café Rio during the first few days of her trip, which is almost unfathomable.

I will let the pictures do most of the talking, and after looking at them you will have seen Jarom’s kids as much as he has this week. It’s sad and lonely around the house. Mars is here, and he and Jarom cross paths occasionally. But he works late a lot of nights and Jarom isn’t all that social to begin with, so it isn’t exactly Animal House. The kids left on Monday after going out to lunch with their dad. Bo had a few of his cars in his yellow murse and Jenna had her gigantic backpack strapped up. They did great on the flight and have since been having an amazing time in Utah with Grandmas and Grandpa and cousins and aunts and uncles and snow. But mostly the snow. It dropped a few feet on them, so Jenna has been shoveling with Grandpa and making snowmen and snow angels and snowballs and sledding and generally having a great time playing in the powder. When it is time to come inside she has really taken to playing dodgeball. She and Bo will stand at opposite ends of Grandmas kitchen with a ball in hand, Jenna will count off “I…2…3…Dodgeball!!” and then they will run in and throw the balls at each other. Jenna was winning a lot of those games so she ramped up the competition and asked Lix to play with her. Lix promptly hit Jenna in the face with a ball and made her cry. She has gone back to playing Bo. She also makes her princesses play dodgeball. Ariel (post mermaid, I assume) and Rapunzel are the best at it. There have been trips to a farm, where Jenna was nearly eaten by ducks, and a trip to the aquarium, where the otters were particularly playful, and lots of visits with family and friends. And they will still be out there for 2 more weeks.

Sweet murse, Bo

 All bundled up and ready to play
Until someone gets a face full of snow

 Pleasantly feeding the birds, while the hordes planned their attack

 Bo didn't have any trouble with his animals


 Helping clear the driveway
 Watching the otters
 Wearing his new Cars boots
 Getting ready for bed
 Pop Tarts taste even better at Grandma's house

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