Saturday, January 31, 2009

Squirrels in the Attic

Some of you may have noticed that it is cold outside these days. As it happens, people are not the only species to seek shelter from such frigidity. During the past few weeks there has been a persistent scratching sound that has been my constant companion. It did not take long before it morphed from a curiosity to an annoyance. Apartment management was notified, and four weeks later, prompt action was taken. A flurry of mothballs was thrown up there in an effort to scare the intrusive rodents away. The following day the maintenance crew came to seal up the hole that had allowed entrance into the attic. Jarom arrived home to find men on the roof, who asked him if he had heard any movement the night before. He had, but they decided to close it up anyway. There is now a squirrel trapped in the attic, and the scratching will probably crescendo until one day when it simply stops. Any guesses as to how long the squirrel’s acorn cache will last?

Also from the animal front, the circus came to Knoxville and Jarom and Lix went to see it. It was the smaller, one-ring version of RB&B&B, but still entertaining. There were elephants, white tigers, motorcycles in a giant spherical cage, and trained wiener dogs. Alixa could hardly believe that in all of his deprived childhood he had never gone to a circus. What awful parents he must have had!

Alixa continues to expand, and is now unable to wear any of her old shirts to work at the Olive Garden. She decided that she would do some tailoring, using fabric from two shirts to create one super sized garment. Her original plan was to cut up the middle of the back and sew in a new panel. Jarom saved the day by suggesting that two triangles be sewn in on each side, along the current seams. It has worked out great, and she says that she is more comfortable than ever.

Alixa’s birthday is almost here, and this week she got a set of Tupperware that she has been wanting for some time now. The lids all snap together so they won’t get lost, at least in theory. We’ll see if that holds true.

I stumbled across a wonderful nugget of hilarity this week, courtesy of my good friend over at Monkey!Llama!Fight! It is a blog written by a bench warmer on Ohio State’s basketball team, and I recommend reading from the start. It has only been up since October, so you aren’t too far behind.

I know it's hard to tell (our seats weren't that great), but those are little dogs jumping over obstacles while their friends wait patiently on the top hats.  Stinkin' hilarious.

I will leave you with my bold Superbowl prediction: Cardinals 24-Steelers 17.

There has been quite an uproar for side shots of Alixa with her belly poking out.  She has been reluctant thus far, but I promise my next post will include one.  Have patience, faithful readers.


Amberly said...

good good. i'm anxiously awaiting that next post! and as for my senior year alixa, bleh. i'm pretty scared. AP calculus terrifies me! i wish i could take weight training with you again. that may have been the best class i've ever taken. if you only saw me now. you'd be so disappointed! :P i never work out anymore.

me said...

oh yeah. shout out. too bad it wasn't on power99. then i know that i really did make it in this world.

Josh and Melissa said...

Congrats on having a girl! They are so fun! By the way, Happy Birthday! Hope things are going great for you guys!

McKenzie said...

Sorry, Lix. I'm just not sure I can bring myself to do it. If I have to remember this time through pictures this baby is sure to be an only child...