Thursday, October 29, 2009

She's a witch!

Jarom and I have been pretty lonely this past week because Lix and Jenna went to Delaware for “Halloween.” I put that in quotes because the real reason they went is so that Grandma can see Jenna, and whenever that happens they say it is for whatever holiday or event is closest. So we will be getting baby clothes on Flag Day and have visits for Spring Equinox and the like. Jarom has been pretty bummed without his family, but the girls had a great time visiting and got to see the entire Winn clan while they were there. They got home today, and Jenna doesn’t even recognize her dad anymore. It’s sad.

Jenna's grumpiest face ever

Uncle Jason risking Jenna's life. She seems happy about it.

Frogman, who is now in heated competition with Fufu for Jenna's love

Jenna and Luke

Jarom did get to visit the dentist while he was alone, which was no good. He had one minor cavity to be filled. He hates the dentist and hates the things that they do to him there, but he does very much enjoy the numbing agents that he gets. His dentist in Provo was the best because they would give him Nitrous Oxide, which he highly recommends to anyone and everyone. Here it was just a shot of Novocaine, but the tingly sensation that comes along with it is the same. It is a good thing he is far too cheap to ever consider taking up a drug habit.


Since it has been a slow week, I will share an interesting thought that I have had. The arrival of Jenna, and really any small baby, has inevitably produced occasions wherein one of her parents will thrust her up into the air in the same way that Simba is held up by Rafiki at the beginning of The Lion King. The interesting part is that this action will always be followed by the singing of the accompanying song. Nobody knows the words to that song, because it is in Swahili or some other African language, but everyone has their own version of the words, and they are all unique. Alixa and Jarom each have a distinct version that they claim is correct. For a fun game, ask some people that you know (boyfriends, neighbors, coworkers) for their version to see if it matches with your own. For easy reference I will give you the actual footage for comparison. You really only need to watch the first 30 seconds, but keep going if you want to.


Carolyn said...

Jenna is an adorable little witch - I love her costume.

cameo said...

Those are such cute pictures of Jenna!

As for that song, my brother used to always start belting it out and it was different everytime. I don't know what the real song is, but I know he wasn't singing it right.

Josh and Melissa said...

Oh my word- Jenna is the cutest witch ever!