Thursday, March 24, 2011

If you give a _____ a _____

Most people go through distinct phases in their lives. When you are young, sometimes you have friends and associate with people whose company you enjoy because they are funny and entertaining, in a Johnny Knoxville and Steve-O kind of way. They make you laugh, and hanging out with them gives you something to do. But as you grow older and hopefully mature, you realize that while those relationships may have been fulfilling once, and even though they may still be somewhat functional now, they are starting to be a little beneath you, and you should probably try to kick it up a notch. This is what has happened to Jarom and Alixa’s wire rack shelves. It was purchased a few years ago and has been a great thing for them to have in their past few kitchens, but Lix thought it was a little cheap and trashy and wanted to upgrade. So for her birthday Jarom told her that they could get some cabinets to install in its place. Unfortunately, after some research it was determined that cabinets would be a little too expensive and more of an installational challenge than Jarom wanted to take on. So he moved to plan b, which consisted of installing some shelves in the pantry so that the space in there could be maximized, and purchasing a buffet table to replace the metal shelves. Thanks to some kindly birthday donations from loving parents and some fortunate timing on a recent Walmart sale, both things were taken care of this week without destroying the budget.

One is before, one is after. You figure out which.

First up were the shelves in the pantry. Jarom enjoyed looking at all of the components and figuring out which ones they should get to be able to take greatest advantage of the irregular space of the pantry, while Alixa mostly just scared herself to death by playing with the pneumatic cutting tools that are used for customizing the length of the shelves (who would have guessed that it was on?!) After getting them on the walls and level, Jarom and Alixa started organizing the shelves and throwing away the foodstuffs that had expired. Thanks to some food storage “gifts” they have received from their mothers in the past year there were many items with sell by dates in the ‘08-‘09 range, and a few as far back as ‘05. Things got cleared out and organized, and it now looks great and holds all of our food. But if you give a Lixi an organized pantry that frees up some space in the kitchen, she’s probably going to want a new piece of furniture to fill the space. So the next step was the buffet table. Lix had looked at some higher end furniture places and found some that she liked, but at a hefty price. But on Monday as she meandered through Walmart she found one that was of fairly good quality and a full $100 below MSRP. So she snatched it up, made Nate help carry it around, and made Jarom spend about an hour putting it together. And if you give a Lixi a new piece of furniture in her kitchen, she’s going to want to paint an accent wall behind it. So she got some green paint, threw up some tape and down a drop cloth and did the whole thing while Jarom was out playing basketball one evening. She really wanted to keep going and paint the entire kitchen, but at some point you just have to explain to the mouse that it has had a cookie and it is time to be done.

Jenna has been busy training for her future career as a long distance runner. While Jarom never would have guessed this at the time, the fact that his house has a complete loop in it has turned out to be perhaps the single greatest feature. Jenna will spend dozens of minutes a day running around the loop as though it were a track. She will do this by herself or with a friend. Sometimes she wants her dad to chase her, and will chastise him severely if he should desire to stop for any reason. She sometimes runs with Kenna, although Kenna will usually stop before Jenna is ready to, giving up excuses like “too heavy” and instead offering to ride the bike alongside Jenna. She is very supportive and will clap and cheer her on, which makes me think that she will be a great trainer someday.

I apologize for the length of this video, but I am not exaggerating when I say that this had been going on for at least 5 minutes before it starts and at least 15 minutes after it stopped, so be thankful it isn't longer.

Baby Babbles Boutique is wrapping up a 3-week consignment sale this weekend, and it has been a mild success. There is still a lot of inventory, but it is slowly dwindling and nobody had to actually stay on-site for this sale, which was quite nice. The other exciting thing around here has been BYU’s run through the NCAA tournament and the Jimmermania that has become a staple on ESPN. Here’s hoping it will continue a little bit longer. Tomorrow Lix and Jenna are headed back up north for Kristi’s bridal shower and some hanging out while Jarom starts working some odd hours at work and enjoys the alone time that will be ever scarcer in a few more weeks when kid #2 arrives. Alixa is getting less and less comfortable and more and more anxious to be done with this whole ordeal. She is currently in the “we are never doing this again” phase, but Jarom will not be so easily duped. She went through this phase with Jenna during her last month, only to enter the “my baby is growing up so fast that I need another one to replace it” phase about 2 months after Jenna was born. She says that this time is different, but time will tell.

She LOVES pockets


PJ Hegewald said...

Your "go go girl" is quite hilarious! Your wall looks great, Lix and Jardog, your shelves look stupendous! You should all be very proud of yourselves!

Laura Cates said...

I love the If You Give a Mouse a Cookie analogy. I always used that book in my classroom to teach cause and effect. Mitch, you must think like a teacher!

Carolyn said...

I'm so impressed with Alixa's painting skills. Your place looks great! Good job on the shelves in the pantry, too.

I can empathize with the ready-to-be-done-with-pregnancy feeling. I keep telling myself that I'll do it again but not for a LONG time. It's funny how quickly you forget how uncomfortable it is...

Good luck with your last few weeks!