Sunday, March 13, 2011

Selection Sunday

Alixa has reached the 6-week mark in her new baby countdown, so she decided to take a weekend trip up to Delaware to have a little baby shower/party with many of her friends there. They had a great meal at the Olive Garden and there were many wonderful presents that little Bo will surely appreciate someday soon. Jarom took advantage of the trip to plan a little golf outing with Jason and JD, despite the chilly weather. It was a great time, and was capped off by both Jason and JD missing an 18-inch putt (they claim it was actually 19) that would have given their team the win.

Alixa's favorite Delaware people

It was a miracle that these two would sit down and play together without killing each other

Jenna was thrilled to have a few days to play with her cousins in Grandma’s house. She had a great time with Luke and Hailey and Adri and Juliet, with some visits from Loni and her girls as well. And the house is a veritable paradise for those kids. Jenna loves climbing the stairs and would often disappear for long stretches of time before Jarom or Lix would find her in someone’s room playing with toys. This did not please Lix because it meant that she had to climb approximately 3,429 flights of stairs during the 72-hour stay. She made Jarom promise that he would never make her live in a house with more than two levels, and if it can be less than that, all the better.

A relaxed gathering for little people

Running around Longwood Gardens

As they packed up to go, Jenna told her parents that she was poopy. They gave her a sniff and detected nothing, which is usually a foolproof test. But apparently this was an odorless #2 (why can’t she have more of those?) and so they ended up leaving the poor little girl in a poopy diaper all the way home and through the night until the next morning. At that point it had burned her poor little bum raw, so the last few days have been filled with a crying Jenna at every diaper change and the announcement that Jenna’s bum hurts pretty much every time she had to get into or out of a chair. Jarom and Lix felt like terrible people, which they are, but it seems to be getting better.

Jamie was upset about Jarom pulling this stunt with Ethan. She feels that only dads should be allowed to kill their kids. Whatever. He looks more like Jarom than JD anyway.

Jenna’s swearing problem has also become more prevalent in her everyday life. She now replaces most of her L’s and W’s with an F sound. This means that such common words as look, Luke, work, and walking have all become words that would not escape uncensored on any TV channel. The problem is exacerbated by the fact that Jenna is unwilling to move around without telling everyone how it is that she is moving, whether that be running, walking, or jumping. So poor Alixa has had to hang her head in shame every time she walks into a store with her daughter saying loudly, “I falking, I falking, I falking.” There have been some disbelieving stares as people try to process what they are hearing from such an otherwise cute little toddler.

The newest addition to Jenna's stuffed animal family, Brownie

At work, Jarom had his mid-year evaluation and it looks like he will be able to keep his job for a little while longer, which is great news. He has another hospital installation coming up in a few weeks, so Lix is already thinking about skipping town to head up for Kristi’s bridal shower while Jarom works the night shift. Baby Babbles Boutique is doing a consignment sale for the next three weekends, so that has distracted her a little for the time being. She is also in charge of her playgroup’s activities for the month. Her first was a field trip to the greatest fast food restaurant of all time, Chick-Fil-A. The next one will be a day at the park, which is wonderful because the beautiful Richmond spring weather seems to have arrived for good.


PJ Hegewald said...

Let me be the first. Jarom, you have outdone yourself on this one for funny cuteness! Sounds like you need to clean out your little gir's mouth with soap! I didn't realize you were in a play group. I suggested it when I was there but you didn't seem too interested. Who is in it besides the two ennas? I so happy that Jarom still has a job and that life seems to be going so well. You are great parents even though you don't change your daughter's poopy diapers.

cameo said...

I really want to hear Jenna tell everybody that she is walking. So funny. I didn't realize you were only six weeks away from the new baby. I am so excited to see the new Winn. Love and miss you guys!

Erin_C said...

ha! we did the same thing to carly (only not quite so long). couldn't smell her diaper and she had eaten 5 clementines that day so her poo was really acidic. totally burned her bum. saddest thing. poor girls with mean parents.

and I've been meaning to say I love "Blake Owen". Are you going to call him Bo, or is that a bloggy thing?

Kristi said...

i laughed so hard at her swearing problem! cant wait to see jenna and lix next week!!