Monday, September 1, 2014

1 week down, 519 to go

This week was a pretty big deal for the Winns. Jarom has been calling Alixa 30 for a while now, even though she doesn’t actually turn 30 until February. But nothing makes you feel old like sending your kids off to school. So last Monday Jarom took a work from home day so he could make the long walk to Rogers Elementary with Lix, Emmy, and Bo. He wasn’t worried about Jenna. No, Jenna was always going to be just fine. She was going to run into her class and meet new friends and do assignments and projects and learn things and mutter under her breath at the other kids that weren’t doing the things they were supposed to. Jarom never had any concerns about how little Jenna would handle her big transition.

 Waving bye to mom on Day 1
Alixa, on the other hand, she was going to have a tough day. There had been some tears in the days and weeks leading up to this as they went through school shopping and meet the teacher and all that jazz. But I guess there just isn’t anything that can prepare a momma bear to let go. She did an amazing job with all the logistics, making lunches and snacks for Jarom and Jenna, prepping the backpack and making sure she had all the needed stuff, laying out clothes the night before and figuring out a good morning routine to help Jenna be ready to go on time. She had to figure out the best way to take Bo and Emmy with her every morning, and she has done great. But it makes her sad to let Jenna go every morning, and the fact that Jenna is making the transition as easily as she is probably makes it worse. Would it kill a child to just once be unable to leave their mother?! That’s really all they want.

So the daily routine is getting some serious shakeups. The morning starts earlier, which nobody is really a fan of. After Jenna is off to school Lix takes the other kids to the gym, comes home for Emmy’s nap and plays with Bo, which he thinks is awesome. Starting this week Bo will have his own school a few days a week, and he is pretty stoked about that. Around 3 they head back over to retrieve Jenna and walk home, trying not to evaporate in the 100 degree heat. Every day Jenna has to tell Mom 3 things about her school day.

 Bo and his preschool teacher
I also got in on the school action by volunteering to be a guest speaker at reptile day with a bunch of church kids. It was fun to have a field trip and everyone was pretty excited to meet me. They were all quite brave and got to hold me and have their picture taken with me.

Jarom has spent most of his recent free time smashing things in the master bathroom. Alixa has been requesting new tile on the floor and in the shower for a long time, and she finally got her way. So the demo is afoot. Demolition is one of those things that is fun in theory, and is pretty cool to do for about 2 minutes, but then the exhilaration of smashing stuff starts to wear off and your back starts to hurt and you start developing blisters on your hands and you remember why you went to college and got a degree so you could sit in an office and type on a keyboard. Much of the previous stuff is gone, so now the fun part can get started. Hopefully it won’t be too long before it is all finished and we have lots of gorgeous pictures to post here. Happy Labor Day!

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