Monday, March 3, 2008

Freak Out! It's Intramurals! (Updated)

The following email was received by Jarom a few days ago regarding his flag football team, which was named Sons of Abish-


This letter is to inform you of the decision concerning your standing with Intramural Activities. Having discussed the team name you submitted for 9-on-9 Flag Football with the director, we feel that this name is not only profane but also makes light of spiritual matters and will not be tolerated.

According to our policies found on our website, "Teams must choose an appropriate team name that is consistent to the ideals and principles of Brigham Young University. Selection of an inappropriate team name may result in a forfeiture of the team schedule." The director feels that dropping your team is too harsh of a punishment and therefore we will be issuing you as team captain a red card with a one game suspension from 9-on-9 Flag Football. You will be eligible to return to play 7 March after your first game.

We hope you realize the seriousness of the situation and that when you return to play, you will enjoy yourself, remembering the spirit of play Intramural Activities provides. As a reminder, if you are issued another sportsmanship card this season you will be dropped from further play for the remainder of the semester. We hope you will understand our position and reasons for the action taken.


Jared Packard


Jarom met with Jared to speak with him about the suspension. While it did not (suprise, suprise) result in a reversal of the suspension, it did provide some interesting insights. The intramural office noticed the name last semester when it was used for Jarom's 3 on 3 basketball team. Jarom was told by the intramural supervisor, "We thought about talking to you, but decided not to." So apparently what was not even worthy of a "talking to" last semester merits a red-card this semester. When questioned about the inconsistency, Mr. Packard responded with, "Well, we could have suspended you then, but we didn't." Those of you who have played intramurals here at BYU know that such inconsistencies are par for the course. They reserve the right to punish you at any time to any measure, but it is all subjective. When Jarom then asked why the name was profane despite having no profanity in it, all he got was this answer over and over. "We feel that the name is profane." Oh, BYU. What a crazy, ridiculous, over-righteous zealot of puritanism you are.


Unknown said...

I'm confused...What was the submitted team name?

Jarom said...

Sorry about the confusion. The team name was Sons of Abish. For those who may not know, Abish is pronounced with a hard a, as in able. When pronounced correctly, the name is fine. If the name is mispronounced, it resembles the common phrase "sons of a b*@%#", which is why the intramural people freaked out. It is interesting to note that it took them over a year to finally catch it.

Four Winns said...

Good thing they didn't think too hard about your volley ball team name.